A brief case study…

The Problem

RedMart has a constant requirement for warehouse assistants to handle the demand for their increasingly popular online supermarket.

To encourage applicants, the HR department used many recruitment channels – their own websites, job boards, even print.

But they were simply not getting enough qualified applications.

 (Sound familiar?)

The Solution

Redmart now uses Recruit Socially to help them find the right candidates and encourage them to apply.

To do this, Recruit Socially provides:

Targeted Advertising

Recruit Socially helps RedMart format their job ad for social media and then targets their job ads on relevant online and paid social media channels.

A Mobile-friendly Website

The ad links to a site which works great on mobile and makes it very easy for people to apply – even on their handphone. Candidates simply answer a few bespoke questions and then give basic personal information. (They have the option to upload their CV later.)

The Candidate Viewer

The RedMart talent acquisition team is notified instantly by email when a new candidate applies.

And with Recruit Socially’s Candidate Viewer, the TA team can see the phone number, salary, even nationality of each applicant.

Here they have the information that they need – and they can easily find the best candidates for the job.

The Results

Since launching in March, 2015, RedMart has had hundreds of interested and qualified people apply for their warehouse role.

They have hired many of the applicants – at a faster rate and a fraction of the cost of other methods.


Recruit Socially really helped us with our sourcing issue. And they’re a great to work with too – thanks guys!!

María Elena Santibáñez Olvera
Senior HR Manager – RedMart

So how about you?

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Would you like to boost the performance of your talent acquisition?

And would you like to know more about one of the great new sourcing opportunities – social media?

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